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"Brooke & Sam", by Ally Pankiw

Brooke and Sam is a dark dramedy about Sam, a young, stand-up comedian suffering from sexual assault PTSD who has to face her demons and join the search for a missing teenage girl she used to nanny – and who never wants to see her again.  The film exists between the present, where Sam is trying to recover from her trauma, and the past, where memories of Brooke, her young charge, make it harder and harder to ignore the teen’s disappearance.

In development for production Fall, 2018

"Blues 66", a feature documentary by Bay Weyman, in co-production with Close Up Films

Blues 66 is a compelling new feature documentary about the confluence of music, race and broadcast history, using hours of re-discovered archival footage from a legendary gathering of blues musicians in the mid-60s in Toronto, Canada.  Starring Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Otis Spann, James Cotton, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, and featuring John Mayall, Eric Burdon and Johnny Winter, the multi-media project will explore the music and lives of these remarkable musicians, and the context of the times in which they lived and struggled for recognition.

“No white man could sing the blues like one of us… We was born with it.”
Muddy Waters, 1966

“Warg” , by Anders Banke in co-production with Devonshire Productions, Solid Entertainment, Brain Academy

In this psychological horror/thriller, an 1880s idyllic Swedish settlement in the backwoods of North America finds the bonds of their tight-knit community put to the test when a beast enters their midst.  Fear, suspicion and murder turns brother against brother and father against son.

In development for production in 2019.

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